- 10 Watt 2 x 10" COMBO AMPLIFIER

Hey…….what a rare little cutie this is!

Brought to me by a very nice gentleman (Dave) from my home town of Nottingham, here in the UK. Dave tells me he has had this Marshall 2 x 10” combo for many years , and apparently it had never worked since he acquired it.  I think it was kept in the garage…..oh no, not another damp garage job! Dave left the poor gal’ with me and stated he would quite simply like it all back and running as it should be.

As can be seen in the photos she was actually in quite a sorry state. One of the original Celestion 10" speakers was missing completely. The other was totally kaput......I just love the “attempted repair” on this one! Screws were missing here, there and everywhere. The power cord wiring was dangerous and disgusting.

On first power-up, all the tubes lit up but she was completely dead! Now, although I have seen these before many years ago, it is in-fact the first time that I have had one on the bench for a service/repair. Firstly I noticed that all the pins on the two output tubes were all being used. As this amp had a couple of EL84’s in it, I though this was a bit strange as all my years of experience tells me that the EL84 has at least two pins not used!?

This being the case I suspected that EL84’s were the wrong tube and would more likely be an ECL82 (6BM8), which is a triode-pentode combined in one envelope and would certainly have all 9 pins used. Plus the fact this amp had tremolo too, and yet there was only one other tube in the whole thing; this being a solitary ECC83.

Ok, time to surf the net for more info. Yes, and sure as eggs are eggs it didn’t take long to find out the real truth. The output tubes should be ECL86’s, (so I was nearly right with my guess!). The ECL86 is basically the same as the ECL82 (slightly different pin connections) but with a higher gain triode section and also a little beefier output section.

Next, in went a pair of the ECL86’s and woo…..she started to come to life. After a few tired component changes things improved immensely.

Though she was doing a good ten watts (the rated power of this particular model), I found it strange that to use Channel One, Channel Two’s volume control had to be turned up as well? It wasn’t long before I realized that someone at some point had modified the circuit so that Input One fed through Input Two to achieve more gain. A small rewire of the input circuitry soon put this back to rights.

Now that all the amplifier section was working correctly, the next to deal with was the speakers and case. To put any of the re-issue speakers in this baby would have been silly. Even the Celestion Re-issue Vintage 10's are rated at about 75 watts. That is too much for this little cutie so I put the “feelers out” for something old and more suitable for the job. A good friend of mine soon came up with a pair of good old sixties Elac 10's  from an old WEM (Watkins) PA column, and these were simply perfect for this Marshall!

After the tightening-up of the handle and all baffle screws, plus sorting out other general hardware issues, the job was finished and….she sounds absolutely brilliant with a ’76 Fender Mustang guitar. The new speakers really do her proud.

A good Hoover-out, clean, scrub and a final coating of “Back-to-Black” and she was ready for her owner to collect.

I must say that although the 20 watt (well….probably about 15 in reality?) version seems to be the “more sort after model”, (which does actually use a pair of EL84’s and an extra pair of ECC83’s too), nevertheless this model (apparently Model Number 1930 and sometimes referred too by the Americans as a “Marshall Capri?”) is actually quite rare? It would appear that, way back in 1967, Marshall started this range of amps. Some were 10 watt, as in this specimen, and some were the 20 watt version. I think they were basically a “budget Marshall” and generally “mail order” too. They were also equipped with either a single twelve inch speaker or two ten’s (as this one). The 2 x 10", 10 watt version seems to be the rarest, and guess what…….this example is actually a “plexi-glass” too!! So, as Marshall finished the plexi-glass range around the end of 1967, this simply puts this baby at 1967!!.....Wow, I think it is worth a few Dollars! It is also in 95% perfect condition on the outside….throughout, it's a nice example!

Dave has now collected his "baby" back, and the look on his face when I played it to him on collection was unmistakably “a look of happy, pleased satisfaction”!

He also explained to me that he was a little worried that his 14 year old son was likely to be “trying to scrounge it” off him! (Apparently his son is doing quite well on guitar too).

I just love it when customers leave my workshop with a look of “glee and satisfaction” on their faces!

I always aim to please.

Thank you so much for your interest, John.

This is how the amp arrived in my workshop.

Someone has attempted to patch up the existing speaker cone!

A very dodgy connection on the power cord!